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PoseTracker the first motion API

Your product,
Our technology

What you can do with PoseTracker ?

assets PoseTracker (4).png

Body assessment

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Fitness exercise tracking

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Count reps

assets PoseTracker (10).png

Real time feedback

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Motion Analysis

assets PoseTracker (7).png

Pose recognition

assets PoseTracker (8).png

Count burned calories

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Exercise routine & sets tracking

Why using an API and not a SDK ?

Control your product

No need to install AI or ML packages or SDK which are heavy on your product. Same weight new features & user experience.

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Data protection

We use on the Edge computing technology. No streaming to the cloud, no recording, and no chance of a breach of privacy to keep user’s privacy protected.

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Brand identity

We only provide real time data and analysis so you keep your company and product UI and UX while adding and designing your own revolutionary real-time experience.

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Retention and growth​

More accurate data about trainings to strengthen users’ trust and increase retention.

They use PoseTracker


WorkoutBattle is the best application to practice physical activities at home, while benefiting from real posture checks and a competitive spirit.

With our app, you can challenge your friends, family or our community to play sports with and against you, wherever you are in the world.

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We’re making PostureDetector available as an API for developers to build applications and services.
Join the waitlist here :

Thanks !

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