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A simple service to build an effective application.

Creation of your application or integration with your existing application.

Tool for planning sessions between coach and client.

Transformation of your videos (youtube, instagram...) into training available  on your application.

Online technical support.


An innovative integration to guide your users.

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Movelytics integrates into your app to provide a tool that detects and judges your users' exercises. 

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A real-time repetition counter for your sessions.

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Comments from our virtual coach in real time during the training of your athletes.

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Reliable data on all sessions and exercises performed by each user. 

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Technical support by phone and on the web.

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Movelytics takes care of everything for you.

Creation and management of your custom application.

You choose your à la carte features from the starter and standard offers.

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Technical support 24 hours a day, by phone and on the web.

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